Transformational Therapy 

Prayer Cards, Words of Comfort, Mantra, Affirmation, Inspirational Words

These prayer cards are made from premium quality paper. They are the size of a credit card, so they can be carried everywhere. They make an ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones, at any time of year. 


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Great Spirit, by your supreme name our hearts call out to you.


Eternal, Unchanging Father - Mother God you are all that there is.

You exist by your own will and only by your will, we have our being. 

You are all that I am. You are the provider of all that I need and will ever desire.


You govern the Universe with your unfathomable wisdom.

You are the source of all goodness and the only cure for our suffering.

You are Omniscient, Omnipresent all-pervasive, without form, forming all, sustaining all. 

Supreme creator of all, you and you alone are the focus of my devotion.

All praise belongs to you.


There is nothing praise-worthy to aspire to, except, to recognise myself in you; to be consumed by your flames and purified in the light of your love. 

Source of all, it is by your divine grace that all things possess the innate ability to come to fruit and so with humility - we accept that by your divine will - all living things possess the seed of transformation.


And it is so.

Written by Patrice Elliott

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Supreme Lord of my life. You are my comfort and my stronghold.

In an ever-changing world, you are my one constant.

Even though my afflictions are many your grace is sufficient for me.

Even though my troubles seem perpetual, you are my ever-present help.

Though the tides may rage against me, in you I have my hope.

When mankind fails me, your love is sufficient for me.

Even though my own body & mind at times will betray me, in you and you alone I put my trust.

My strength is made secure by your unceasing favour.

My hope is renewed in the light of your love.

You alone know the beginning and the end of all things.

You have fashioned me in the likeness of your being, consequently, the power to create was bestowed upon me at the moment of my conception. It is my divine right!

My life and my success can be determined by no other.

I alone have power over my ultimate joy & success.

I declare now that I will not allow the limitations of my transient-self or any temporal situation to stand in the way of that which you have granted me.


This is my sovereign promise!


And it is so.

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Written by Patrice Elliott

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Great Spirit, by your divine grace, I accept my losses.

Knowing that all I own is but a temporary loan to me.

All that I possess is granted to me but for a time.


Even my body when it has served its purpose will return to you.

I give thanks knowing that nothing is ever truly lost; it has only been transformed.


I pray that my eyes will not be clouded by my grief.

I pray that my heart remembers that after the darkest part of the night dawn rise.

I pray that my lips will not depart from declaring the truth, that all sorrows will pass.

I pray that my soul remembers who I AM, if I find myself at the brink of despair.


Help me to be steadfast in my conviction, so that I may be an example to those who lack courage.


The trying of faith worketh patience.


So now, I stand in faith.


And it is so

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Written by Patrice Elliott

I pray these words will bring you comfort & strength.

I  pray that you walk in faith and never lose sight of the divine being that you are.

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