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What is Meta-Psychotherapy?

The word psycho simply means Mental or Mind. Meta has the various meanings ascribed to it but the most significant meaning is Encompassing and Transcending. 


Meta-Psychotherapy encompasses the most effective aspect of other psychological modalities but transcends them all. One of the main reasons Meta-psychotherapy is so effective is because its concerned with the nature of reality, not beliefs based on faulty diagnostics. 

"The majority of people are unaware of their natural self. The majority are living their lives through their adaptive self (because of this) they will at some point become maladaptive." Dr. Barnardo Kastrup 

Unlike some other psychological therapy that only offers relief Meta-psychotherapy offers practical solutions that will change your life permanently.

Carl Jung who is known as the greatest psychologist of the twentieth century was quoted as saying; “What the East [where metaphysics has long existed as a religious mind philosophy/psychology] knows about the human mind is at least 2000 years ahead of Western psychology.”  

He explored the teachings of metaphysicians who existed throughout the ages, in an attempt to penetrate the deepest layers of the human mind. Using what he learned through Metaphysical teaching Jung went on to radically change the world of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychology. Jung practiced Metaphysics both personally and professionally. 

Cognitive Scientist, professor Donald Huffman said; "because of our limitation in our interface with Reality, we have to simplify; but if we simplify and simplify we get to a point where we conclude there is nothing there at all. Then we conclude that's the Fundamental Reality. We mistake the limits of our interface for an insight into the fundamental truth of nature." This is perhaps why as a species we seem to struggle with the most basic and fundamental questions:


Who am I? What am I? Where have I been? and Where am I going? 

Doctor Susian Oslavan, is a clinical neurologist specialising in brain disorders. She spoke at length about the phenomena of the mind-body connection, she said; from a neurological perspective, we trust the mind way too much. We think we have control over our thinking but really we are being altered through the processing of our experiencing of the environment


She stated that;  "75% of patients are being failed by the current medical model because their illness originates from psychological origins."

Some of the benefits you will notice when practicing Metaphysical psychotherapy;

You begin to sense that higher intelligence is guiding your thoughts, and thus your life. You feel more in control of your life as opposed to having conditions control you. More opportunities, both personally and financially, become available to you. You have an increased sense that your mind and thoughts are more creative. Thinking becomes more flexible and adaptable to daily circumstances. Increase in personality magnetism (people seem more drawn to you). As you conduct your daily life you discover ways of doing things. Improvement in relationships with-workers, friends and family. More patient, More peaceful, More loving, More optimistic. A sense of peace and tranquility never experienced before. The knowledge that you do not have to suffer through life. You become more aware of the true motivation of others. On the spot inspirations that move your life forward. Increase Positive attitude in reaction to daily life. Better Mental, Emotional & physical health. More in tune with self, others, and nature. A better sense of self and life purpose.Transcendence of limiting beliefs.

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