Metaphysical Treatment & Energy Healing in  Downpatrick


Metaphysical Treatment & Energy Healing

is great for Stress relief, PTSD, Anxiety, Fatigue, Depression, Weight-related issues & physical illnesses that are of a psychological origin.


MT & EH speeds up the recovery time after surgery.

It is also a mental treatment for transcending limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that are holding you back from creating your ideal lifestyle.

The Power of Metaphysical Treatment 

Doctor Susian Oslavan, a clinical neurologist specialising in brain disorder, stated that; "75% of patients are being failed by the current medical model because their illness originates from psychological origins." In extreme causes these patients may suffer from issues such as, multiple Sclerosis, fits and seizures or even blindness.

Unfortunately, in darker times, these types of clients were made to feel like “hypochondriacs” because doctors were not able to find a physical cause for their presenting issues.

Thankfully fields of science such as neuroscience and quantum physics have shed much insight into the connection between Mind & Body; bridging the gap between modern science and ancient wisdom teaching. of all ages.


“As a man thinketh so is he.” This statement demotes the power of our thoughts and attitude over our lives and Circumstances. Metaphysical treatment helps to rewire your subconscious mind. 


Modern psychology and Mystical teaching agree that there are 2 selves that exist in every person. One is the temporary self which is known by other names such as the “Transient-self,” “Lower ego,” “False self” or Personality. The other is the “real-self” – which is also known as the “higher-self,” “true-self” or “higher consciousness”. This is the eternal selfhood that is part of Universal Consciousness. It is the spark of life that caused all to exist. Therefore, it is one with all living things both physical and Metaphysical.

Metaphysical treatment helps you to tap into the unlimited source of power that is Universal Consciousness; the true source for healing & success that is residing in you.

Other Benefits Metaphysical Treatment & Energy Healing

  • Shadow work an ancient practice of Psychotherapy

  • Deepening self-love

  • Balancing the  Masculine & Feminine / Right & Left Hemisphere

  • Overcoming Fears & Limiting beliefs

  • Body, Mind, Spirit harmony